Breath + Smoke! // Guided Breathwork + Smudge + Herbal Tea

with Emily Lindenmuth + Rob Anderson

Wednesday, September 27th

5 - 6pm @ Appalachian State University Multicultural Center

free of charge (sweet!)

To breathe is to be alive. To breathe deeply is to thrive. To breathe deeply with aromatic smudge like white sage, palo santo and sweetgrass burning gently in the room ... is just pure heaven!


Come along for a fun and informal experience that will guide you through a mini group breathwork session (an amazing active meditation technique), and introduce you to some powerful plant medicine with deep roots in folk herbal medicine from around the world.

Autumn is a season ruled by wind and air, and we are going to celebrate in full hearted and full lunged glory!


You'll leave feeling softer and more open, clear headed and refreshed.

One and all welcome! (really - students, non-students, young and young at heart). As always, beautiful herbal tea for sipping provided. 

Please be on time, and feel free to be in touch if you have any questions. We love to hear from you!