DIY Herbal Tea Lattes for Self Care

with Emily Lindenmuth

Wednesday, March 31st

3 - 4pm @ Hatchet Coffee

cost: free! ❤️

Let's gather and welcome in spring and the full moon together!

If you have a tea bag, some nut butter, and a blender, you can make potent herbal medicine (in less than 5 minutes). If you have a few powdered herbs too, look out - you are about to make herbal magic!

Herbal Tea Lattes are delicious treats that can also be super good for aches, pains and any other health issue under the sun. By incorporating nut butters and nut milks they also offer you a strong source of protein and nutrition. Nourishment to the highest degree in a mug.

Emily will demo and whip up some delicious herbal tea latte samples. She'll also share some especially helpful herbs for spring, including ones that help gently cleanse, and others that address common spring issues like allergies and skin issues.

You'll concoct your own personal herbal blend to take home and impress your friends with.


This event is free (woo hoo!). It's my way to share for the sake of sharing, and to help make the fun, beauty and power of simple self care more accessible.


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About Emily









Emily Lindenmuth, MA, LMBT, Herbalist

I love fusing the science with the sacred, the analytical with the whimsical, the left brain with the right. Come learn the nitty gritty (the hows and whys) of plant medicine and then surrender into the unspoken wisdom of taste, touch and intuition.

I love local wild plants as well as the gems growing in other parts of this big beautiful world, so expect a well-rounded mix.

Making your own medicine is a deeply enriching and empowering experience, one that has been crucial in my own journey of healing. My intention is quite simply to share the beauty and wisdom of this knowledge in hopes that in may help you better nourish yourself and connect more deeply with Mother Earth.