DIY Sun Tea! // Make + Take Home

with Emily Lindenmuth + Rob Anderson

Wednesday, April 26th

5 - 6pm @ Appalachian State University Multicultural Center

free of charge (sweet!)

Hibiscus, rose, mint ... lemon balm, verbena, lavender ... and so many more ... mmm mmmm!


Come along for a fun and informal medicine making class that will inform and inspire! You'll leave knowing how to make the most delicious and nutritious herbal sun teas, brews that quench summer thirst like no other. You'll also leave with beautiful herbs and the basic equipment needed to keep creating at home.

One and all welcome! (really - students, non-students, young and old); and, as always, beautiful tea for sipping provided. 


About Emily
Emily Lindenmuth, MA, LMBT, Herbalist

I love fusing the science with the sacred, the analytical with the whimsical, the left brain with the right. Come learn the nitty gritty (the hows and whys) of plant medicine and then surrender into the unspoken wisdom of taste, touch and intuition.

I love local wild plants as well as the gems growing in other parts of this big beautiful world, so expect a well-rounded mix.

Making your own medicine is a deeply enriching and empowering experience, one that has been crucial in my own journey of healing. My intention is quite simply to share the beauty and wisdom of this knowledge in hopes that in may help you better nourish yourself and connect more deeply with the earth.