Intuitive Eating



Intuitive Eating Sessions support a shift from rule-based eating to intuitive eating - following the senses of sight, smell and feel to connect you to the specific nourishment you need to feel whole.

At the heart of Intuitive Eating is learning to cultivate a practice of mindfulness and self-awareness - how does this make me feel? Followed by a strengthening of self-worth - I choose this because I want to feel better, I want to feel good. I am enough.


We'll also cover go-to recipes and smart meal scheduling - how to make nourishing yourself health-fully simple, no matter how busy your schedule. You'll also learn how to connect more deeply with Nature, learning how to source and prepare delicious meals in-tune with the local climate and seasons.

This approach does not count calories or follow fads. It is about learning specifically who you are, what you love, and what you need to not just fill your cup, but to keep it overflowing with vitality so that you can show up in your life fully energized and confident.  

Emily may recommend specific foods, herbs, supplements etc., as well as complimentary therapies that support your whole body healing. Working holistically, Emily will use her keen sensitivities to tune-in to more subtle aspects of your adrenal, nervous system and energetic imbalances, guiding you towards greater and lasting well-being. 

If you have been struggling with an ongoing health issue or diagnosis, dis-ordered eating, or are feeling overwhelmed and want support in getting started or refining your current approach, a single session will go a long way.

If you want more in-depth support, several sessions may be helpful.




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