Natural Dog Care: Herbs, Massage + Reiki

with Emily Lindenmuth and Shady Lady + Peaberry (pictured above + below)

Sunday, May 13th

2 - 4pm @ Down to Earth Massage + Wellness

cost: $15

(limit 10 wonderful people)





Taking care of my dogs naturally is a source of immense joy. It's empowering to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to tend to their health issues as they arise, and to offer them preventative medicine that enhances their quality of life.  Providing that care with my own hands and heart has made my connection to my dogs incredibly deep. Our bond, and therefore how well they listen to me, is stronger than ever.


I invite you to join me in deepening your connection to your little friend too.

In this class we'll learn about:


Plant medicine for common dog issues including: flea + tick prevention and treatment, upset stomachs, hot spots, rashes and itching, depression + anxiety.


Acupressure, myofascial release, and gentle stretching for common canine musculoskeletal issues along with basic anatomy and physiology.


Reiki is a simple and powerful form of energy healing that can bring calmness and well-being to your canine companion. We'll practice hands on with Shady and Peaberry, who are big Reiki fans.










About Emily










Emily Lindenmuth, MA, LMBT, Herbalist

I love fusing the science with the sacred, the analytical with the whimsical, the left brain with the right. Come learn the nitty gritty (the hows and whys) of plant medicine and then surrender into the unspoken wisdom of taste, touch and intuition.

I love local wild plants as well as the gems growing in other parts of this big beautiful world, so expect a well-rounded mix.

Making your own medicine is a deeply enriching and empowering experience, one that has been crucial in my own journey of healing. My intention is quite simply to share the beauty and wisdom of this knowledge in hopes that in may help you better nourish yourself and connect more deeply with Mother Earth.