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My tender heart rediscovers pleasure & purpose.

I transform apathy into inspiration.


Energy profile:

When you're moving through major transitions and crossroads in life, and it's not easy, Wild Rose flower essence will find you, hold you and lift you back up into the light of love, grace and peace. A key ally for those with a warrior spirit committed to listening to the voice of the heart and courageously following it wherever it is meant to take you.


1 oz

Wild Rose Flower Essence

Midsummer harvest + shipping
  • Flower essences are diluted flower extracts. Much like homeopathic remedies, a little of these high vibration remdies go a long way in affecting positive change.


    Brandy is the traditional menstrum for dilution, and gives your flower essence a shelf life of about 6 years. We use organic cognac for a superior quality and taste.


    Vegetable glycerin is a nice alternative for those who prefer to avoid alcohol, including children and animals. Kept below 80 degrees, vegetable glycerin flower essences will keep for 1 year.

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