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Radiant Heart Breathwork // feel wild, open + free!

with Emily Lindenmuth

Sunday, February 11th

5 - 7pm @ Everyday Magic in Durham, NC

$44; couples $80

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Breathwork Meditation is an incredibly powerful, effective self-healing practice that releases trauma, stored pain, emotional blocks, and stuck energy in the body. It is dynamic, wild and liberating! You will feel your vibration rising and maybe even your chakras spinning.

Breathwork quickly helps you get clear and release old ways that no longer serve you.

If you are an empath, highly intuitive, or highly sensitive person, it can help you clear others people’s energy out of your system, and help you tune in deeper to what your energy feels like. This can help you fortify your psychic boundaries and help you embrace your gifts rather than feel overwhelmed or burdened by them.

No experience necessary. Bring an eye pillow, if desired.




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