Reiki 3

with Emily Lindenmuth

***currently available as Private Reiki Training only ***

10 - 5pm

@ Down to Earth Massage + Wellness







This course is an opportunity to dive deeper into your Reiki practice, further developing your skills for the benefit of healing self and others. Feel confident, creative, nourished + connected.

We will learn + explore:

* Developing your intuition when working with clients

* Greater awareness about your sensitivity
* Exploring creativity in session
* Strengthening your grounding + boundaries for increased space holding
* Energetic clearing practices (for self, space, and clients)

* Empath specific self-care
* Refining your body mechanics + hand holds for optimal comfort + energy flow
* Working with plants + animals
* Integrating Astrology, Ayurveda + Somatic Psychology into your practice

Class includes hands-on practice time along with compassionate partner feedback for continued growth and expansion.

Reiki 1 + Reiki 2 are pre-requisites.




















Emily Lindenmuth

Reiki Master, LMT, Herbalist, Yoga + Meditation Instructor, MA

I believe in slow and gentle medicine. When we pause to reconnect with the rhythm of our heartbeat and the flow of energy coursing through all living beings, we remember who we are, what we're here to do and that we are all ONE. There is so much beauty, peace and healing to be found when we shift from a state of doing, to our natural receptive state of human-being. In this space, we discover a sense of connection with ourselves, with others and with Nature that feels like heaven on earth.

Learning about energy healing has radically changed my life. It's given me the understanding and practical tools for how to be an empowered highly sensitive, empathic and gentle soul in this wild world. I no longer feel overwhelmed. Or exhausted. Or crazy. Or like I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Or like I need to be tough. Or recluse. I get to be me: sensitive, intuitive, gentle and strong. And this has freed up so much energy to enjoy life, to be creative and to support others from a full, clear, grounded and authentic place.

It is my belief that as your teacher, as your guide, I am helping you to remember the intuitive gifts you already have. My role is to support you in strengthening and refining them so that you can heal yourself and support the healing of others and our home: Mother Earth.