Reishi Coffee: (and other herb + coffee marriages for vibrant health + flavor!)

with Emily Lindenmuth

Sunday, October 22nd

12 - 1pm @ Hatchet Coffee

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If you work hard and play hard (who… me…?), and maybe find it a little hard to slow down (hmm ... ), this one hour free class is a game-changer for your balanced health and happiness.

“Adaptogens, like Reishi Mushroom, are quite simply remarkable. They help your body to cope more easily with the demands of everyday life, providing a sense of calm and and energy at a deep level. They also help you to establish a new stress set point - reprogramming your nervous system, boosting energy and relieving chronic fatigue, enhancing memory and mental stamina, improving mood, calming inflammation, regulating immunity, and helping to restore hormone balance. Like I said, REMARKABLE!”
- Dr. Aviva Romm

Come along and gain powerful knowledge:
- Learn about Adaptogens, super herbs that help regulate our body’s stress response
- Explore detailed information on Reishi Mushroom, our local superhero Adaptogen
- Master delicious + easy recipes for making a Reishi brew that can be enjoyed straight, cooked with, or used to make your coffee (yes, seriously … soooo good!)

Join us for this informational, aromatic and laid back gathering where we'll learn how to make the most calming and energizing morning cup you can imagine. Your tastebuds and immune system will be grateful.

One and all welcome. Goodness here for herbal medicine experts, beginners and those somewhere in between.


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About Emily


Emily Lindenmuth, MA, LMBT, Herbalist

I love fusing the science with the sacred, the analytical with the whimsical, the left brain with the right. Come learn the nitty gritty (the hows and whys) of plant medicine and then surrender into the unspoken wisdom of taste, touch and intuition.

I love local wild plants as well as the gems growing in other parts of this big beautiful world, so expect a well-rounded mix.

Making your own medicine is a deeply enriching and empowering experience, one that has been crucial in my own journey of healing. My intention is quite simply to share the beauty and wisdom of this knowledge in hopes that in may help you better nourish yourself and connect more deeply with the earth.