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Emily Anderson

Massage Therapist (#9941) 

Reiki Master

Breathworker Healer

M.A. Peace + Conflict Resolution








I believe in the innate intelligence and power to self heal present in every living being. Through expert skill, presence, and my intuitive gifts, I guide you back towards balance and peace, back to your breath and back to your heart so that you can follow it, wherever it is meant to take you. I'm likely to suggest a tea for you too!


Our studio is a safe and beautiful space where you can drop your guard, let go and be yourself. It is a place to rest and to receive.


I want everyone I work with to feel cared for, rejuvenated and wildly, wonderfully relaxed.

If you are ready to make positive change in your life, I am honored to help guide you through the ups and downs of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Sessions with me are an integration of cutting edge science and ancient wisdom, a customized experience that will calm the mind and the nervous system, relieve pain, invite more ease and softly open the heart.

My best piece of advice:

Be radical: take care of yourself. Do more of what makes you feel good, do lots of what makes your heart sing! Drink more water. Move your body. Prioritize creativity. And fresh air. Surround yourself with people, plants and animals who make you feel like they have all the time in the world.

Warm words:


“Emily is an exceptionally caring and intuitive person and massage therapist. She is someone that was born, it seems, knowing how to massage and to care deeply for others. Emily is one of the “naturals.”  It is in her bones to know how to massage, how to listen with her whole being to the people's needs, and how to help people feel better, more relaxed, more alive and free from pain."


- Hillary Hilliard, LMT, Leading Thai Yoga Massage Therapist & Educator


"Emily's joy and radiance always shines forth, she is a dreamer and a sweetheart!"


- Rosemary Gladstar, trailblazing Herbalist, Activist, Author and Educator

"Emily's touch is art. A symphony every single time."

Dr. D. Denman, Chiropractor + Educator


"What can I say about Emily's massage other than FABULOUS! To say she is intuitive is an absolute understatement. Her touch is so fluid and relaxing that when she comes to those tense (normally painful) places, it doesn't hurt and I just find myself begging for more! I'm not sure if its the way she mixes Thai and Lomi Lomi, or if its just her, but which ever it may be its fantastic. If you haven't had one of her massages you are missing out! Try it and you'll soon find yourself like me....HOOKED!"

- Clay Evans, Certified Rolfer™


"I have to say my sessions/moments with Emily have been of immense pleasure and have brought some much-needed positivity to my attitude at times when I truly needed a boost! Emily’s calming and caring spirit combined with her highly skilled hands truly is a gift. I highly recommend Emily!"

- Michelle Kenik, Owner & Personal Trainer, Health First Fitness

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