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Our Green Promise


Down to Earth Massage + Wellness is what happened when a former Soil Scientist and a wellness obsessed Writer came together to create a healing sanctuary. You may have gathered, we're a little green obsessed!

We're dedicated to offering the highest quality therapy in a non-toxic environmentally and socially conscious space.

You can relax and let go even more knowing that your senses and your cells are infusing with the most beautiful and natural surroundings and clean products.

Soak up + savor (the most delicious!):

100% organic essential oils

100% organic carrier oils

100% organic candles + incense

100% organic linens
Berkey Filtered water
100% organic teas

Other green efforts we make:

All natural laundry detergent

Natural cleaning products

Line-dried linens (as much as East Tennessee humidity allows)
Minimal paper usage

Bike parking available

Rain-water harvested for plants
Certified allergy + asthma friendly no-VOC paint

Natural and ethically made and sourced furnishings

LED lighting
Sustainably made massage tables + mats


Our studio is nestled on15 acres of land designated as an United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary. This honor marks our commitment to conserving and restoring native medicinal plants and to preserving habitat for wildlife, both plants and animals.





United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary
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