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Work with me can include breathwork healing, meditation, deep structural bodywork, advanced myofascial release and massage therapy. Sessions are crafted for your own personal goals and by my intuitive gifts. I work with you to find, understand, and release pain, stress and blockages in the body and nervous system. Also, we work together to uncover the causes of pain and stress: physical, mental and emotional causes. My work over the years in helping people release chronic and acute pain and stress from the body has made overwhelmingly clear the pain and dis-ease connections to the mind, negative thoughts, trauma, stuck emotions and hurtful belief systems. I try to meet you where you are, and encourage the innate wisdom of your own mind and body to let go of what you're ready to let go of, whether through deep massage therapy, gentle nervous system reset, or breathwork healing practices (see below).

My Story

The mind is so good at hiding our deepest secrets: emotions that lie beneath the sea of our thoughts, our addictive behaviors, our traumas, our negative and limiting beliefs that we learned as children and strengthened as adults. When is it safe to look deeper? How do we start?


In my thirtieth year of life, I had hit my rock bottom. Fifteen years of casual and daily drug and alcohol abuse, on top of a rather unguided childhood mind, had finally broken, or awakened, my spirit. I knew I had to change my life. I started with yoga, mediation and mindfulness. I literally had learned about what it meant to be 'present' when I was thirty. I was floored, and intrigued. So I started to become aware of my own thoughts, which was kind of alarming.

Coming clean with myself about the ways in which my mind controlled my life, and kept me from following my heart, was not easy.

When I really started to observe my own thoughts through mindfulness and meditation, it was painfully obvious that my desire to get high was running the show. I didn’t want to admit it, but it was clear. My addictions were winning. Further, beneath my addictive behaviors lay decades worth of repressed emotions and inherited beliefs about who I was supposed to be in order to belong and to be loved and to succeed in this life. In my own middle-class suburban way, I had learned some really hurtful beliefs in my childhood. Those beliefs were so ingrained that I thought they were fact.

It was going to take a big hammer to get through all that, and mindfulness alone wasn't getting through. After all, any time we try to heal something within us, whether an addiction or other, we are trying to change or minds with our minds. That's not easy.
I needed something that could allow me, without judgement and with compassionate curiosity, to see the pain inside, where it comes from, how I feed it, that it is not me, that there is a way to stop it, and that this is the way. Then, I found it.

Breathwork. Healing. Breathwork healing. Yeh, I know, just hear me out.


Breathwork healing is an ancient form of pranayama that uses the breath to quiet the intellectual parts of our brains, so we experience what's beneath. This encourages the recognition and release of strong emotions, like grief and anger. Breathwork has a powerful and invaluable way of uncovering and bringing clarity to beliefs and hurtful thought patterns that our minds and egos work so tirelessly to hide.

Breathwork has the ability to open up dormant neurological pathways in the brain, allowing you to perceive your life in very different and very valuable, life-affirming ways. An influx of oxygen stimulates the brain and ductless glands (chakras) of the nervous system, and energy moves though the body in the form of physical vibration (not so subtle). In ways that are not fully understood, this energy encourages new neural pathways in the brain. Scientists call this widespread neural-plasticity. Shamans call it Spirit. I call it Love and Truth.


We can learn again, or for the first time, how to practice self-love (hint: practice is a do word). We can begin to work alongside of grace, to heal our lives, to help others and to help this planet heal. We clean the canvass.

You may still be wondering how lying down on your back and breathing in a certain manner could offer such a profound perspective on your own psyche. No one has specific answers to that, but I can tell you that it absolutely does. You don’t have to believe that the ocean will get you wet, but you do have to get in it to find out.


Almost ten years later, after having worked and trained with some of the most amazing Breathwork healers and spiritual leaders I could find, I've become a leader and a guide for others. I've been leading Breathwork healing sessions both one-on-one and in groups from Wanderlust festivals to yoga studios around the region for several years now, and am glad to bring this work to Knoxville. I also incorporate Breathwork and mindfulness meditation into intuitive massage therapy sessions on request (kind of amazing!).

If you’re ready to let go, I would love to work with you, no matter where you are on your path.


Reviews from Rob's Clients

"Rob is brilliant, he has a gift, he is able to feel my body's needs and respond to those needs all the while allowing me to completely relax and trust in his abilities!"    

  - Kathleen Weller,  Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor

"This has been the most impacting and effective work on my body in the 20 years of work I've had. Awesome! Rob is amazing!"

  - Benjamin

"I have absolutely loved every single thing I’ve attended at Wanderlust, but this was my absolute favorite. I had an amazing experience during the breathwork that I will never forget."  "The mindblower of the whole weekend."

  - Wanderlust attendees of Breathwork Healing Session

"Rob is so talented and knows exactly how much pressure is appropriate for my body on any given day. He is so good at "listening" to the body and connecting with breathing patterns to provide an almost spiritual calm, he is a top-notch professional in his field."

  - Young Kim, Professor of Music


Education & Credentials

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Denver Integrative Massage School, Colorado

  • Breathwork Healer Trainings I-IV, Erin Telford + David Elliott. Maha Rose, Brooklyn, NY. Los Angeles + Joshua Tree, CA.

  • Reiki I + II

  • Mindfulness Meditation Training, Claudio Barrientos

  • Orthopedic Massage, Whitney Lowe

  • Member, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

  • Member, Thai Healing Alliance

  • M.S. Environmental & Soil Chemistry

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