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Adrenal Replenishment: How to replenish, restore and feel like yourself again

with Emily Lindenmuth

***class canceled due to snow ***

Sunday, March 12th

12 - 2pm @ Kindly Kitchen / Neighborhood Yoga

Do you or someone you love feel like you’re running on empty? Do you feel dependent on caffeine, sugar or staying super busy to make it through your day? Do you often feel tired but wired? Do you lack the umph to do the things you love? Maybe you just feel a little spent and want to have more peace and energy?

Join us for an in-depth approach to understanding adrenal exhaustion and the ripple effects it has on the body, mind and spirit. We’ll learn step-by-step how to get back to feeling like your ‘old self’ with conscious exercise, relaxation techniques, nutrition and herbal support. We’ll also explore the often over-looked realm of how to feed your spirit, a key part in rising from the depleted ashes.  

You will leave class feeling informed about what’s going on, and empowered with the knowledge to make positive and natural changes.

Delicious adrenal supporting tea + snacks + friendly community provided.

This is a vital time, as winter draws to a close, to do some deep repair and replenishment before the spring and summer months call us towards more activity. Take some time for yourself already, you know you’re more than due.  

Please remember, feeling burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed or just plain old stressed is ok. Most of us have been there at some or many points in our lives. In fact, according to The Annual Stress Survey by The American Psychological Association, 75 percent of adults experience moderate to severe stress, 49 percent report sleep problems, and more than 40 percent report physical symptoms as a direct result of stress. This class is a judgment free space in which those seeking to make healthy change will find it along with support, respect, understanding and encouragement.


About Emily
Emily Lindenmuth, MA, LMBT, Herbalist

I love fusing the science with the sacred, the analytical with the whimsical, the left brain with the right. Come learn the nitty gritty (the hows and whys) of plant medicine and then surrender into the unspoken wisdom of taste, touch and intuition.

I love local wild plants as well as the gems growing in other parts of this big beautiful world, so expect a well-rounded mix.

Making your own medicine is a deeply enriching and empowering experience, one that has been crucial in my own journey of healing. My intention is quite simply to share the beauty and wisdom of this knowledge in hopes that in may help you better nourish yourself and connect more deeply with the earth.

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