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loose leaf organic tea, 4 oz.


To cleanse + soothe.


features organic: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom,  roasted dandelion root, ashwaghandha root, orange peel, astragalus root, black pepper, burdock root + calendula flowers.


There are times in life when we need to let go and let in, when our cells and our spirit feel stronger than ever in some ways, and quite worn and weary in others. Perhaps life has gifted us with an overflow of excitement and possibility, uncertainty and opportunity, a busy season (or several), a major transition, a big chapter opening in the ever-winding path that is our beautiful wild life. And we’re feeling it!


Calendula flower's sunshiney spirit is a wonderful digestive ally, boosts immunity with powerful antibacterial and lymphatic stimulating properties, and is packed with anti-oxidants. The name calendula comes from Latin, meaning ‘little calendar’ or ‘little clock’, referring to its tendency to flower at the beginning of every month or on the new moon. In essence, she is a great ally in seeing us through the thresholds of new beginnings.


Burdock, considered to be a feminine plant ruled by the planet Venus, is one of the most effective, safest and tastiest detoxifying and cleansing herbs on Earth. She is known to balance internal heat and is specifically helpful for supporting healthy and clear skin.


Mingling together with a balanced and bold chai base, this tea is an invitation to embrace a little softer approach, a little slower pace, and a little more peace.


Delightful served with milk of your choice + honey.

Calendula Chai // The Gentle Warrior (makes 22 cups)

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