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loose leaf organic tea, 4 oz.


organically grown:

cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, orange peel, roasted dandelion root, astragalus, black pepper, coconut flakes + cloves.


For the days when we need something golden to gently illuminate our hearts and minds, something smooth to soften the edges of our hard working bodies, and something strong to rebalance our digestion and quickly fortify our immunity.


Blended to offer generous comfort, warmth + anti-inflammatory action, a good ally to see us through the tougher times. Golden in color and spirit, elevating our immunity and intentions, and like the sunrise and sunset, helping us remember the big picture and the small miracles that make this precious life so beautiful.


Best served in a glass, so that the color can be fully savored.

Golden Chai // The Lightworker (makes 22 cups)

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