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loose leaf organic tea, 4 oz.

Our down-to-earth take on the classic Masala chai.

Featuring organic: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, roasted dandelion root, orange peel, astragalus root, ashwaghanda root + black pepper.


❤️ Strong Immunity

❤️ Healthy digestion
❤️ Warmth + improved circulation
❤️ Calming of the nerves
❤️ Easing of the mind
❤️ Relaxing of nervous tension in the muscles
❤️ Fortifying of the adrenals
❤️ Resilience of the heart

No black tea, no worries. This well balanced caffeine-free brew packs strong flavor and deeply nourishes the entire immune system.

Lovely sipped throughout the day and the year, hot or iced, under the weather or over the moon.

It creates warmth and expansion, in the sweetest and softest of ways. Sensitive souls with big hearts and great minds will find this comforting brew particularly helpful in soothing anxiety and overwhelm, while at the same time gently stoking those inner fires of love, creativity and resilience.


For the herbalistas out there, our Classic Herbal Chai also serves as a nice foundation upon which you can sprinkle in some of your own seasonal plant medicines. Add a pinch of red clover blossoms, raspberry leaves, reishi or turkey tail mushroom for example, to celebrate the spirit of the land and the season.

Classic Herbal Chai // The Immunity Booster (makes 22 cups)

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