Chai Tea

Emily makes a selection of out of this world delicious herbal Chai Teas.

She believes that amazing tea is an affordable luxury that enables us to make small acts of self-love,

watering the goodness inside every single day, one mug at a time.

Emily's Chai blends are 100% organic and caffeine-free.

Each blend contain herbs sourced from small regional farms,

fair trade farmers practicing sustainable agriculture, and locally foraged medicinal flowers, berries + roots. 

Made slowly, with love in East Tennessee.

Freshly roasted every New and Full Moon.

Available for worldwide sipping via our online Shop, by the cup at Hatchet Coffee, and at select retailers throughout the South.

Current selection:




















Milky Oats Chai // The Peacemaker
Golden Chai // The Lightworker
Calendula Chai // The Gentle Warrior
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